Daily Walk


The Bible is a miracle. It has been preserved for thousands of years through wars, cultural upheavals, and from men who vowed to completely destroy it. It was not preserved by men, it was preserved by God. It is after all His word. Imagine what it would be like to really know what God has preserved for us about Him.

If you're a Christian God calls you friend, and if you let Him he'll be the best friend you'll ever want or need. If you're not a Christian God wants to be your friend, and that begins with reading or listening to what He has to say.

Today there are so many ways to read or listen to the Bible. Here are some reading plans:



There are also daily podcasts for listening while the bible is being read:


There are audio Bibles:

There are Bible apps for your phone that have either text to speach capability or audio that can be downloaded to listen to while you read:

Android app's:


Our hope is that the resources here will benefit anyone seeking to know God more. He is worth knowing!