“What Shall the Righteous Do?”

The earlier part of Daniel 11 has spoken of kings and alliances and battles. We have been able to give specific names and dates to these predictions. The same thing should be true for this section, even though we have not yet witnessed the rise or observed the careers of those prophesied. We have no reason suddenly to substitute a symbolic understanding of the words for a literal one. Continue reading ““What Shall the Righteous Do?””


Daniel has been mourning here in chapter 10, for the trials God had shown were to come upon his people, and he had sought assurance from God that they would not be destroyed by the particularly intense persecution that the last part of the preceding vision describes. In fact, he may have been troubled by even more immediate concerns. The third year of the reign of Cyrus in Babylon would have been the year 535/534 B.C., just a few years before his death. Continue reading ““SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES””